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Ace the Interview

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13 of the Smartest Questions to Ask a Hiring Manager

Make a strong impression on any hiring manager by asking these insightful questions and ending your interview on a positive note.

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Odd Interview Locations

The do’s and don’ts of a non-traditional interview.

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How Do I Talk About My Achievements in a Job Interview?

Many people are uncomfortable discussing their accomplishments in a job interview but hiding this information or being reluctant to talk about it is a huge mistake.

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How to Answer "Why Are You Looking for a New Job?"

It's the question that everyone wishes an employer wouldn't ask, but it's the one everyone is most curious about. Life happens, you just need to learn how to shine up the potholes.

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How to Answer Why You Got Fired.

No matter what, it will always be awkward to talk about why you were fired. However, there are some strategies that make it more palatable for the interviewer to hear, and demonstrate that you grew and learned from the experience.

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5 Ways to Adjust your Body Language to Come Across as More Confident in an Interview

Come across as more confident in the way you convey yourself during an interview.

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Do You Have Any Questions for Us?
4 Great Responses and the BEST Question You Can Ask at Your Interview

Consider these five never-fails, to end on a fantastic note and to allow you to decide if you want to work here as much as they want you.

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Have You Dug Yourself into a Conversational Pit?
Use THIS Phrase to Save the Day (and The Interview)

There is an all-purpose phrase you can use to save your dignity as well as the interview.