Discover the best ways to leverage your recruiter in your job search.
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5 Ways to Effectively Work with Recruiters

Discover the best ways to leverage your recruiter in your job search.

When you are actively engaged in pursuing new employment opportunities, you will nearly always encounter a recruiter. This may be an in-house recruiter employed full time by the hiring company, or it may be an outside agency. As a job seeker, these folks can be excellent resources to you, providing you remember the rules of engagement. There are five ways to make sure your relationship with a recruiter is as effective as possible.

Be honest

While it may be tempting to tell the recruiter what you think they want to hear to get your foot in the door, this will not serve you well. It is very important to be clear about what you are looking for. It can be very flattering to receive a call from someone who has seen your resume online or who has heard about you and wants to talk about a potential opportunity, but if the opportunity does not align with your career goals, it is important to explain this. Otherwise, you will waste valuable time (yours and theirs) going down a path that does not lead where you want to go.

Be responsive

Things can move very quickly in the world of recruiting. Recruiters are usually coordinating between multiple executives, hiring managers and candidates and so it is the norm for interviews to be rescheduled, for additional information to be required, and even for last minute candidates to be introduced to the job search. With so many spinning plates, it is important to be easy to communicate with, or you could get lost in the shuffle. Respond promptly and professionally to calls and emails from your recruiter.

Provide feedback

It will be very helpful for your recruiter if you give them prompt, professional and candid feedback. Again, this goes back to the overwhelming volume of information that most recruiters are processing. It’s important after an interview for the recruiter to get a read on everyone’s impressions so you can make it easy for them by giving them a quick call after the interview. One of the awesome things about working with a recruiter is that there is an extra line of communication. If the recruiter knows that you are excited about the job, they can reinforce this to the hiring team on your behalf.

Adjust expectations

As great as it is to have a recruiter advocating for you, you are the one ultimately responsible for your job search. Don’t let yourself get into a mindset of complete dependence on your recruiter or you may risk slipping into a victim role where you are waiting for things to happen, rather than initiating action. If you don’t hear from your recruiter in a timely manner, make the call. If you are working with a headhunter, the responsibility is on you to make sure the relationship is effective. If you never hear from your headhunter, you might need to shop around.

Be true to yourself

As great of a relationship you may have with your recruiter, it is important to remember that their job is to fill a requisition. They may like you very much, but at the end of the day, your career is more important to you than to them. Most recruiters and headhunters are wonderful people who get joy from matching people to the perfect job, and there are some who are just looking at the commission check. If you ever feel overtly pressured by a recruiter or headhunter to accept a position that isn’t right for you, listen to your gut.

Recruiters and headhunters are excellent resources for the serious job searcher but remember that ultimately you are then one driving and steering your job search and career.

Content sourced from Talent Inc.
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